Who supervises our projects?

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Owner Andreas Gartner (48) is a qualified banker and business economist (Chamber of Crafts). He works full-time as an authorized signatory in the family-run engineering office for resource management.

With 3G projects the father of 2 sons looks after several projects mainly around the favorite hobby football. 
For the supervision of teams he has the B-coach license (UEFA B level). As a coach or co-coach, he worked so far both in the youth and senior area, for example, at the clubs BSC Freiberg, VfB Fortuna Chemnitz, FSV Motor Brand-Erbisdorf, TuS 1875 Großschirma, SSV 2000 Meißen (women) and FSV Pockau. He was also the manager of BSC Freiberg (6th league) for 7 years.

In addition to our own projects, we also manage projects of our Czech partner agency LigaSports.

Kenneth Gartner (19) is responsible for marketing and sponsorship.

The student of University of Cooperative Education Leipzig (specializing in sports and event management) works at Dresdner SC 1898 Volleyball and is also a referee for FSV Motor Brand-Erbisdorf in the Mittelsachsenliga (district upper league) for men.


Jordy Gartner (16) is at 3G projects for the area social media responsible.

The high school student is himself a footballer at FSV Motor Brand-Erbisdorf and also referees in the men's Mittelsachsenliga (district upper league).

Photos: Marcel Schlenkrich